The following shows a map of Software Engineering Women in REsearch. It can be expanded to fit your screen by clicking on the expand icon in the bottom right hand corner. You can click on the location circles and/or research keywords in the tag cloud to filter the other views (or use the rudimentary search box by research area and researcher last name, clear the search with the eraser on the right side to reset). Twitter URLs and website links are clickable. To update info, see below.

This visualization pulls data from this spreadsheet. If you are interested to be shown in this visualization, add your information to it (add a new row at the bottom)! It currently doesn’t update automatically, but I will update it frequently. I prefer for researchers to add themselves or to ask to be added as not everyone may want to be listed. I lock rows that seem stable to avoid accidental deletion or edits, but if you want to update your information, copy and paste your row to the bottom and I’ll remove the duplicates. Add your city to your university/company name to improve the location on the map! Here is a direct link to this visualization.

Note: We also have a Sewire Slack group, email me or follow then DM me (@margaretstorey) or follow/DM Sewire (@sewire) on Twitter if you would like to be added to the Slack group.


Margaret-Anne Storey

Professor of Computer Science, University of Victoria
Canada Research Chair in Human and Social Aspects of Software Engineering

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