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Keynote presentations

  • Keynote speaker, Publish or Perish: Questioning the impact of our research on the software developer, 41st ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), 2019. Video Slides
  • Keynote speaker, The Elusive Nature of Software Documentation and Why Understanding How Knowledge Flows Matters, 33rd International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME), 2017. Slides
  • Keynote speaker, Disrupting Developer Productivity One Bot at a Time, CASCON, 2016. Slides
  • Keynote speaker, To Bot or Not: How Bots Can Support Collaboration in Software Development, 11th International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE), 2016 Video Blogpost
  • Keynote speaker, Selecting Research Methods for Studying a Participatory Culture in Software Development?, 19th International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE), 2015 Invited speaker, Lies, Damned Lies and Software Analytics: Why Big Data Needs Thick Data, ISR Distinguished Speaker Series, 2016 Video Slides
  • Keynote speaker, The (R)evolution of Social Media and Software Engineering, Workshop on Social Software Engineering, 22nd International Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE), 2014 Video of a similar talk Slides
  • Keynote speaker, Visualization for Software Analytics, 2nd Working Conference on Software Visualization (VISSOFT), 2014 Slides
  • Keynote speaker, Visualization for Software Analytics: A retrospective and a roadmap for future work, Canvas 2014, Canadian Visual Analytics School, 2014
  • Keynote speaker, Studying Social Media in Software Development, Dagstuhl Seminar on Software Analytics, 2014
  • Keynote speaker, Crowdsourcing Documentation in Software Engineering, CSI-SE at 36th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), 2014
  • Keynote speaker, Addressing Cognitive and Social Challenges in Designing and Using Ontologies in the Biomedical Domain, 5th International Conference on Software Language Engineering (SLE), 2012
  • Plenary presentation, An Interactive Visualization Environment for Exploring Java Programs, authored by Margaret-Anne Storey, Jeff Michaud and Casey Best which won the Most Influential Paper from IWPC 2001 Award. The award was presented at ICPC 2011.
  • Keynote speaker, Beyond the Lone Reverse Engineer: Insourcing, Outsourcing and Crowdsourcing, IEEE Working Conference on Reverse Engineering, 2009
  • Plenary speaker, Remixing Visualization to support Collaboration in Software Maintenance, IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance Frontiers, 2008
  • Keynote speaker, Source Code Comments: Graffiti or Information, Psychology of Programmers Interest Group Conference, 2008
  • Keynote speaker, Navigating Documents using Ontologies, Taxonomies and Folksonomies, ACM Symposium on Document Engineering, 2007
  • Keynote speaker, Improving Flow in Software Development through Graphical Representations, IEEE Visual Languages/Human Centric Computing Conference and IEEE Graph Transformations Conference, 2005
  • Keynote speaker, Theories, Methods, and Tools in Program Comprehension: Past, Present, and Future, IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension, 2005
  • Keynote speaker, IBM CASCON Conference, 2005
  • Invited panel member, ICSE Panel on Perspectives on Software Engineering, 2002
  • Plenary speaker, Educational Technology Conference Series, 2000

Selected invited talks

  • Invited speaker, Productivity in Software Development, Microsoft Research Faculty Summit, 2019
  • Invited speaker, The Impact of Continuous Integration on Developer Satisfaction and Productivity, Microsoft Continuous Deployment Workshop, 2018
  • Invited speaker, The Elusive Nature of Software Documentation and Why Understanding How Knowledge Flows Matters, Intel, 2018
  • Invited speaker, Methodology Matters: Mapping Software Engineering Research Through a Sociotechnical Lens, Lund University, Sweden, 2018
  • Invited speaker, How Bots Disrupt Software Development, Facebook Software Engineering Workshop, 2017
  • Invited speaker, The Social Programmer’s Toolbox, Software Engineering Mix, Microsoft, 2015
  • Invited Speaker, Interactive Views for Navigating Ontologies and Data at the National Center for Biomedical Ontology, Vancouver Bioinformatics User Group, 2008
  • Eclipse podcast, Eclipse in Education, 2007
  • National Center for Biomedical Ontology Seminar, Ontology Visualization as a Service, 2010
  • Distinguished speaker at Queens University, 2006; Invited Speaker at MIT, 2002; University of Limerick, Ireland, 2006 ; and Simon Fraser University, Canada, 2010
  • Invited Speaker at Mitsubishi Research Labs, 2002 ; GE Labs, 2003; IBM Research Watson Labs, 2003, 2005, 2008; Microsoft Research, Redmond, 2005; CHOOSE Swiss Forum, 2005; Lero Software Engineering Institute, Ireland, 2007

Margaret-Anne Storey

Professor of Computer Science, University of Victoria
Canada Research Chair in Human and Social Aspects of Software Engineering

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